There are many types of massages that you can receive. Some are designed to treat an injury, relax you, or improve mobility. A lymphatic massage is designed to induce lymphatic drainage. The idea of lymphatic drainage stems from techniques that were developed in Europe. These techniques were produced to help individuals who accumulate lymphatic fluid after the lymph nodes have been removed. This is common, especially in individuals who have had a breast removed as a result of breast cancer.

Other individuals develop this condition at birth, while for others the condition begins with puberty. The accumulation of lymphatic fluid can have an effect on a person’s limbs or on other body parts. There is still more research that needs to be done as to why this condition develops. Lymphatic drainage massages are beneficial for individuals who have had their lymph nodes removed. In addition to breast cancer patients, other individuals who may have had their lymph nodes removed include those with colon cancer, prostate cancer, or bladder cancer. It could be that the lymph nodes are not completely removed, but instead they are damaged by treatments such as radiation or as a result of infection or trauma.

A person knows that they have this accumulation of lymphatic fluid, also referred to as lymphedema, when they see symptoms like swelling and pain in the area of the removed or damaged lymph nodes.

The entire therapy is performed in the comfort of our office. It is designed to be a very gentle treatment as the lymphatic drainage process should be gentle. During the first week after treatment, a person may see the largest amount of lymphatic fluid drainage. By the second week, drainage will continue, but it will likely not be as intense.

You should see a reduction in the amount of swelling in the treated area. These massages are given by trained professionals. For individuals battling with a buildup of lymphatic fluid, lymphatic drainage massages can be very beneficial. They can help reduce pain, they can help reduce swelling, and they can help an individual get back to living a better quality of life.

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