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Ready to Change your Life?

Dr. Supervised Weight Loss

One-size does not fit all! No two people are the same, everyone is unique in their own way, Which is why the diet plan that’s right for one person may not be right for someone else. Here at BSPNY we offer fully customized weight loss plans that best suit and are specially tailored to each individual client

Why You Should Try It

Doctor Supervised

Our weight loss program is under doctor supervision, she will personally meet with you and discuss the best approach to losing weight.

Lasting Results

This isn’t just any weight loss program, this is a lifestyle change that will ensure lasting results for the years to come.

Fully Customized

Based off of our body composition results we will fully customize a program that will help you reach your goals.


There is nothing better for you, than a program that was created and customized 100% to you and your needs. Our Doctor supervised weight loss program will help you adapt to a healthier and safer lifestyle that allows you to feel confident, happy and healthy! 


We want you to enjoy the experience, and delight in the results. See how it works!