Weight Loss

Balanced Dieting & LIFE

Losing weight is not east. Many try time and time but achieve the same results. Nothing. Our team of weight loss experts here at Body So Perfect NY are committed to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle by all neccessary means.

Our Approach to Healthy WEIGHT LOSS

Why our plan actually makes you lose weight and keeps it off.

Dr. Supervised Program

According to the results we obtain, the weight loss specialist creates a customized program approved by the weight loss doctor.

Weekly In-Clinic Meetings

Weekly monitored exercise sessions and measurements are taken to ensure maximum weight loss results.

Enjoy Lasting Results

Having Followed our weight loss program, you can enjoy your lasting results, new lifestyle, and new appearance

Get a FREE full body scan

We are committed to ensuring that you are receiving the best possible weight loss plan for you and your specific needs. Our full-body scan will give us insights on where your health is, currently.

Results from the START

UOnce you start our ultimate weight loss package, you will begin to see lasting results fast. The majority of our weight loss clients see a major results in just the first week which fuels your mind for success. 



 But What About After?

How to Maintain Your Results

Proactive Preparation for Life After Coaching

Our weight loss program is not just a short term fix for losing a couple of pounds. We are committed to helping you change your lifestyle for the better and we train you exactly for that. Our weight loss specialist will keep in contact with you to ensure everything is going as planned.


Lifetime Access to Premium Nutrition Resources

We put a-lot of time and research to choose the best tools to help you lose weight on the market. If you would like to continue using these tools after your program, you will have access to a portal to purchase them whenever you would like.

Personalized Everything

There is No One Diet For Everyone

Our weight loss specialist Gustavo analyzes the results that he gets from your body scan results and uses his 20 years of experience to create a successful weight loss program.


Lets Get Started!

Not sure what you need? Come in and get a FREE Body Scan.