Acne is something that affects millions of people in Astoria and elsewhere. Some of you are probably suffering from it right now. The severity of the acne depends on the person and the situation. Some people only have a mild acne problem. Other people have more of a severe reaction. Patients have two options. They can either take care of it themselves, which is not recommended. Or they can seek professional acne treatment. The second option is much more highly recommended. Some patients have such a severe case that taking care of it themselves only makes the problem worse.

There are so many benefits to having your acne professionally treated. First of all, there is usually going to be some facial tissue scarring when acne gets treated. Our professional in Astoria has access to resources and tools that can help to keep the scarring to a minimum. Our team will prevent future breakouts and scarring. Most patients do not have access to this kind of thing.

Once the acne is removed, there tend to be wrinkles lying underneath. The acne hides it well. This happens in a lot of people as they age. Again, our skilled┬áprofessional has a way of killing two birds with one stone. The process will add collagen and boost the skin’s production. We will use an acne treatment that works like an anti-aging tool.

Acne presents a big problem for many people. It starts with “clogged pores”. This is one of the leading causes of acne. Some people like to take care of it themselves. Some patients do not realize that they add to the clogged pores by using the wrong product. Our experienced professional knows what to use for each skin type. It is their job to know what their patient’s skin type is. Some patients are not sure of their skin type, adding to the purchase of the wrong product line for treatment.

Sensitive skin can do a great deal of damage in people with acne. It can add to the clogged pores and dead skin cells. It can also add to breakouts. Sensitive skin can add to dry, cracked, and bloodied skin. Professional acne treatment will take care of this.

Our team at Body So Perfect Smooth & Sculpted NY is at the ready to help you with your acne. We proudly offer professional acne treatment at our office in Astoria and Great Neck. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!