Dr. Supervised Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

There aren’t too many people in the world that are 100% OK with the state of their body. Most people could stand to lose a few pounds, and there are even more who would like to have a total reinvention of their body. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that losing weight is hard, and most people don’t even know where to start.

If you’re looking to lose weight, and you aren’t sure where to go, come into our office and talk with a member of our medical team about Doctor Supervised weight loss. Weight Loss is a joint effort between you and our experts which will help you lose up to a pound a day in a supervised manner.

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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

Diet and exercise are easy to talk about, but hard to do. Improperly implementing do-it-yourself weight loss strategy can sometimes result in gaining even more weight! Don’t let this happen to you by enrolling in a Doctor Supervised Weight Loss program today.

During our Doctor Supervised Weight Loss program, you’ll be on a carefully selected diet which sheds the pounds using certain hormones that our body produces naturally. This hormone, along with monitoring your caloric intake, resets your metabolism and gets rid of excess weight without feeling rundown.

How it Works

The first step is to analyze your current fat reserves. The natural supplements target the stored fat in our bodies. If you have an excess of fat, you’ll be ok to start. However, it’s possible that you need to take some days to build up fat reserves for the Doctor Supervised Weight Loss program to really work.

Once your fat level is at an optimal level, you’ll be on a calorie-restricted diet for eight weeks. During these weeks, you’ll also take natural supplements via pills and sprays.

The calorie-restricted diet lets you have two meals a day which has to include one protein, one vegetable, one bread, and one fruit. For a list of approved food items, talk with a member of our medical staff.

Once the 8-week, calorie-restricted diet is completed, you’ll be instructed on how to maintain your weight with a follow-up diet treatment. This follow-up treatment grants you to eat a wider variety of food items, but still restricts you to 1200 calories a day.

Getting More Information

Everything starts with your initial consultation. During this meeting, we will go over your weight-loss goals and see how Doctor Supervised Weight Loss can help. Don’t let your weight get you down anymore, call our office today and schedule your consultation.