Lipo Light

There are two primary reasons why people are interested in fat reduction. On the one side of the coin, there are individuals who want to get rid of fat because they do not like the way they look. They feel like their clothing is too tight, and they feel like their body is too flabby. Other individuals decide to lose fat because they are concerned about their health. Maybe they have been told by their primary care physician that they are diabetic or that they are pre-diabetic. They may have learned that they have high cholesterol levels or that they have high blood pressure.

When a person first starts to go to the gym and they start to see the fat melting away, it’s very encouraging. What can be frustrating is not getting the results all over your body. For example, some people will lose weight in their face and in the legs, but no matter what they do, their but hips hold onto some fat. Or it might be their thighs or arms.

When this happens, people can turn to Lipo Light treatments. Lipo Light treatments take approximately 20 minutes. They are a non-invasive way to use the power of light to help you lose fat in stubborn parts of your body. After the initial treatment, you will go through a post-treatment exercise routine. This is designed to free up the fatty acids that were loosened during the treatment and encourage your body to flush them out.

Many patients who have used Lipo Light treatments have seen immediate results. For some individuals, more than one treatment may be necessary in order to produce great end results. Regardless of the number of treatments necessary, what is true is that this procedure can dramatically reshape your body.

While it is not mandatory that you exercise after treatments, it will accelerate your results. Immediately after treatment, the fat cells are broken down. They need a way to be removed from your body, and exercise is one way that can make this happen.
Lipo Light is revolutionizing the way that people see body contouring. It has worked for many individuals, and it could work for you. Talk to the team at Body So Perfect Smooth & Sculpted NY in Astoria or Great Neck to learn more about how Lipo Light can help you to lose inches. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!