10 Lipo Light Body Sculpting and Contouring Sessions
Non-invasive, non-surgical LED light that encourages the reduction of fat in those difficult to lose areas without side effects or downtime.

Lymphatic Stimulation
Two Lipo Light pads are utilized to stimulate the lymphatic system so that fat is removed quickly from the body.

Vibration Exercise Technology
Advanced exercise technology engineered to help the lymphatic system drain fat from the problem area (performed after each LipoLight session).

Nutritional Assessments
Convenient healthy skake mix to assist you with your fat loss goals.

Lipo Light Assessments
Measurements at beginning, middle and end of session series along with pre and post pictures to assess your progress and determine your success in reaching your fat loss and body contouring goals.

Pre-Program and Fat Loss Exit Consultation
We carefully evaluate your progress and make recommendations for future results.
When you come in for your FREE CONSULTATION mention this special to receive 2 Additional FREE sessions