Facials are often thought of as a cosmetic treatment that is primarily for people with plenty of time on their hands. The truth is that facials involve several steps that need to be done properly. Each step adds to the improved look and feel of your complexion. If you live in the Astoria, Great Neck or surrounding area, you may benefit from learning that facials are good for your skin’s overall health.

Since your face is your main tool of communication, it is important to make a good impression. In this high-tech age, even your phone calls are face-to-face. A professional facial is done by a specialist who is trained to improve the condition of your skin. A professional facial not only gives you a relaxing experience, but it also includes preventative care instructions as well as advice on skin care at home that is appropriate for your type of skin.

Taking care of your skin can improve your overall health. Skin is the largest organ and acts as a barrier from damaging elements such as sunlight, wind and pollution. Our skin professional may alert you to skin problems so you can take care before they become severe. If you already have a serious skin condition and need medical treatment, our expert can help prepare your skin for treatment and take care of it after the treatment.

As you age, your skin loses collagen, which may result in sagging, wrinkles and age spots. A professional facial may help reduce the signs of aging and enhance the tone and elasticity of your skin. This is done through cleaning, exfoliating, steam treatments, a facial mask, toner and moisturizer.

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from professional facials. Men also need to make a positive impression at work and elsewhere, and a facial is one way to always look your best. Teenagers can also benefit from the attention of an expert to handle acne problems so they do not develop into serious cysts and scars.

Last but not least, professional facials give you the opportunity to completely relax. When you visit our specialist at Body So Perfect Smooth & Sculpted NY in Astoria or Great Neck, you can learn more about how professional facials can benefit your skin’s health and your overall appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!