What is Venus Legacy?

For non-surgical skin tightening, Venus Legacy™ is one of the best treatments available. Since it has been approved by the FDA, you can trust that your treatment will be both safe and effective.

If you’re looking for an effective way to tighten your skin, reduce cellulite and shrink stubborn fat, then consider Venus Legacy™. This innovative procedure uses radiofrequency energy to promote circulation and rejuvenate the skin.

What Is Venus Legacy™?

The Venus Legacy™ is a powerful device that combines Multi-Polar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to create a thermal reaction under your skin. By creating heat, the treatment stimulates your body’s natural healing response, and your skin will tighten. Once your skin has tightened, you’ll look and feel younger.

The thermal reaction created by the Venus Legacy™ device is great for tightening skin, but it’s also useful for reducing cellulite and wrinkles. As each treatment takes just 30 minutes and requires no downtime, it’s an ideal procedure for those who want effective skin rejuvenation without having to put their life on hold.

Since the Venus Legacy™ doesn’t involve invasive surgery, there is no lengthy recovery period, and you can go back to your daily routine after your treatment.

What Are the Results Like?

The Venus Legacy™ uses a combination of RF and magnetic energy. When combined, these technologies are able to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin.

One of the major benefits of the thermal reaction created by this treatment is increased blood circulation. Some other great benefits are visible plumping and tighter skin.

With a single treatment, you should be able to see noticeable results, and as you undergo additional treatments, the results will continue to get better. It will seem as if the cellulite on your body is melting away. Most patients receive optimal results after 6-8 treatments. It really is an effective non surgical body sculpting procedure.

What You Should Know

Before undergoing this treatment, there are some things you should know. The Venus Legacy™ is designed to reduce cellulite, treat wrinkles and tighten skin, and by creating a dense, uniform heat matrix within your skin, the device encourages the body to produce collagen.

Many people choose to receive this treatment on the face and neck, but it can effectively treat almost any area of the body, including the throat, arms, legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist and back.

The major benefits of undergoing a series of treatments are tighter skin, reduced wrinkles and improved skin contours. The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient, but we typically recommend between six and eight treatments for best results.

As an added benefit, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary discomfort with this procedure. In fact, many patients describe the treatment as warm and pleasant.

The technologies used by the Venus Legacy™ have offered patients a safe way to get great results for years. The only side effect is a beautiful, sculpted body. At Body So Perfect, we proudly serve the Astoria and Great Neck areas with a wide variety of effective cosmetic procedures. To learn more about how this treatment can help you, contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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