Even though obesity awareness has increased in the last decade, the problem of obesity hasn’t. More and more Americans are continuing to run their weight up to obesity levels. Obesity affects more than just the scale; it has a massive effect on a person’s self-esteem and hope for the future of their health.

Regular diet and exercise aren’t enough to lose vast amounts of weight because the problems often run deeper than eating too much and being lazy. This is why it’s important to have a safe and effective system to help achieve your weight loss goals.

VitaminMed isn’t just another way to help you lose weight; it’s a well-researched system designed to eliminate fat and get rid of excess pounds the right way. Call the Body So Perfect Sulpted & Smooth NY office today to schedule your initial consultation.

The VitaminMed Weight Loss System

Most weight loss systems tell you the amount of weight you will lose, but they don’t tell you what kind of weight you’re losing. It’s true that you will lose some fat reserves, but in the process, you will lose lean body mass as well. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself 15 pounds lighter on the scale, but your body looks the same.

The VitaminMed system is different. Instead of losing both lean body mass and fat reserves, you’ll lose your weight almost entirely from the fat reserves. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll lose inches as well.

How VitaminMed Works

There are four main levels to the VitaminMed weight loss system:

  1. Appetite Curb™: By using key amino acids, Appetite Curb™ targets the neurotransmitters involved in your appetite and cravings. You’ll notice you will feel less hungry during the day and feel fewer cravings for carbs and fat. Clinical studies have shown the amino acids used in this level of the system curb the appetite in a safe and effective way.
  2. Super Aloe™: Super Aloe™ is key to the health of your digestive tract. As we digest our food, we turn that food into fuel and waste. The ingredients in this step of the process help separate the good parts of our food from the bad. Increasing the efficiency of digestion allows our bodies to use the energy of our food better, and eliminate more as waste. Turning food into waste early prevents it from turning into fat later on.
  3. B-12 Spray: This water-soluble vitamin is required for the production and maintenance of our red blood cells. The B-12 works as a cofactor for other amino acids in the body which are necessary for the health of our blood cells, DNA, RNA and more. The spray also contains traces of B6, which is a vital for over 100 different enzymes in our bodies.
  4. Advanced Plus: This homeopathic solution eliminates toxins and free radicals from our bodies in a natural way. By cleaning the small inefficiencies of our body, this advanced formula makes the rest of the weight loss system work better. It also helps the organs work better, clear the skin and help increase the body’s ability to fight disease.

Getting Started

The VitaminMed Weight Loss System is a non-surgical, pain-free way to lose pounds in a healthy way. To hear about incorporating this system into your life, call our office for your consultation today!