Venus Versa for Acne

Acne is a known problem for teenagers, and in most cases, it’s caused by the hormonal changes associated with puberty. However, it’s also a common problem for adults. If you’re dealing with acne, you already know how self-conscious it can make you feel. Although it commonly develops on the face, acne can appear on almost any body part. Depending on the severity of the blemishes, it can leave you with unwanted scarring and decrease your personal confidence. If you’re tired of dealing with acne, Venus Versa™ may be able to help you.

How Venus Versa™ Can Help

Venus Versa™ is an innovative skin resurfacing treatment specially designed to give you better skin in just fifteen minutes. It is also effective for reducing the appearance of large pores and improving skin texture. If you’re dealing with acne or sun damage, this treatment can help. It’s especially useful for tightening the skin on your body, neck or face.

The individual treatment sessions are quick and easy, and they can help give you the flawless, clear skin that you’ve always wanted. Scarring from acne is a common problem that occurs when blemishes become too large and damage the inner components of your skin.

Why Use Laser Technology?

Venus Versa™ resurfacing treatments combine two different laser technologies. When used together, these technologies cover a larger surface area and can simultaneously treat several cosmetic problems.

The process triggers the natural healing capabilities of your body. Once the repair process is initiated, it causes your body to produce new collagen and skin cells, which results in a healthier, smoother complexion. In just a fifteen-minute session, you can expect to see a great reduction in your acne.

What You Can Expect from Venus Versa™

If you’re considering this treatment option, then you should know what to expect. A major advantage of Venus Versa™ is the short treatment time. You can expect results after a single treatment, and each treatment session takes only fifteen minutes.

If you’re trying to fix deeper scarring, skin irregularities or wrinkles, then you might need to undergo between three to four treatment sessions. Venus Versa™ has been proven to smoother textural irregularities within the skin, which is why it works well for acne. It can also reduce visible pores and even out skin texture. Each treatment is designed to tighten loose skin and improve your skin tone. The procedure is safe for all skin types. By targeting the underlying causes of acne, it addresses active acne and delivers noticeable improvements in skin texture.

If you’re looking for a proven way to fight back against acne, consider Venus Versa™ treatments with Body So Perfect NY. With two convenient locations in Astoria and Great Neck, we are proud to provide both areas with the highest level of cosmetic care. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Venus Versa™, schedule your consultation with us today!

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