Common Causes of Acne

When a person reaches their teenage years, it is very likely that are going to have at least a little bit of acne. It is estimated that 80 percent of teens deal with it at some point. However, there are many adults who battle with it as well.

Acne development in teenagers is considered to be a normal part of growing up. But just knowing that most teenagers get the condition as they go through puberty does not make it easier for a young person when they look at their face in the mirror and see that their face is full of acne, especially when many of their friends have a clear face.

What causes acne? Well, scientists are not 100 percent clear on why certain people are more prone to getting it than others. However, what they do know is that acne is a skin condition that results in the development of bumps. These bumps might appear as whiteheads, cysts, or blackheads.

Acne first develops during the teenage years as a result of hormonal changes that people go through as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Researchers have also seen a genetic link in acne development. So if a person’s parents had acne, it is likely that they will develop it as well.

What’s good for most people is that the condition all but disappears by the time they reach their early 20’s. Most teenagers have what is referred to as common acne. It can be commonly located on the face, back, or upper chest.

This common skin concern is caused by hair follicles and oil glands becoming so full of oil, dirt, and dead skin that bacteria gets trapped inside of them. This, in turn, leads to those irritated follicles and oil glands swelling. This is when acne starts.

When a pore is clogged up with dead skin and other pollutants, it closes over, so you get what is referred to as a whitehead. However, if the pore stays open, the dead skin and bacteria in it oxidize and become dark, and you’re left with what is referred to as a blackhead.

Depending on how deep the clogged pore is underneath your skin, you may develop cysts and nodules. Cysts and nodules can result in acne scars, so it’s best for these to be treated as soon as they appear.

There is nothing that can be done to completely prevent acne. It is a natural part of the human body’s development. However, you can minimize its occurrence by keeping your face and body free of oil. Many have found it beneficial to wash their face multiple times a day using a mild soap and warm water.

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